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Re: mirrors for '81 Coupe

> I'm in need of both side view mirrors (electric) for an '81 Coupe. I assume the
> mirrors from Coupes or 4000 of nearby years will work also. Can anyone point me
> to a source, preferrably used?
> Thanks,
> Rob

Hello ,
	Rob, I could very well be wrong but any 80-83 5000, 80+ 4000 or coupe
with power mirrors should work.  However, unless your mirrors are just plain
gone or were side-swiped by a passing semi, I would expect electrical problems
inside rather than be quick to blame the mirrors themselves.  Before '84
when the mirror selector and toggle assembly was dissectable these
guys tended to fail either in the right side pole of the mirror selector
switch or in the little toggle stick , of course check relays and fuses as well. 
Get out that analog VOM for this one.  For parts like these the dealer is
the best bet :-) cheap too!