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Re: replacing valve seals

> I'm finally going replace my valve stem seals; I was wondering if
> anyone had done this before (81 4000 5 cyl) and could lend some
> pointers.
> I was planning on inserting some rope into the spark plug hole and
> compressing it by turning the crankshaft in order to hold up the
> valve.
> Specific questions:
> Is any special tool needed to remove the camshaft, i.e. any bolts with
> funny heads?
> Do I need a valve spring compressor or will something else do?
> Does removing the valve stem seals and placing new ones on require a
> special tool?  (the shop manual gives a tool #).

I suppose you could do all of this except that putting on the new seals 
does require some sort of device that will protect the seals as they're
inserted.  Also be aware that for a most likely high milage car like this
5+5 I assume, that the valve guides may also be worn.  Also wouldn't
hurt to lap the valves too.  How about the timing belt?  Head gasket
nice and dry?  

In my experience just doing the valve guide seals is usually fine
for American cast iron but I get finicky when it comes to VW's errrr
Audi's.  I decided to send out my '81 5+5 head and let someone else
deal with this stuff.  Otherwise get a hold of a Bently or even the 
Haynes manual for this car. The haynes manual will  give alternative tools
if possible instead of just tool numbers .   I don't recall much in the way
of speciality tools for this job...just that tool for the valve guide seals.
I'm sure someone can give more info on diving headfirst into your