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I've been away, hence no replies.  My FAQ was just a stab in the
dark.  I really don't know all that much about quattros.
If you'd like to do one, go for it, it can be housed on swiss
along with the other things.  I also grabbed all the files
that were on ftp.lap.umd.edu, so they are all on swiss now,
and accesible via majordomo, gopher or www.

I'd be happy to review and/or add to the FAQ.  One suggestion - limit
it to things that are really FAQs.  The VW FAQ is way too big and
complex, not really a FAQ at all.  We can have separate tech articles
but keep the FAQ simple (Why are used Audis so cheap?  My sunroof is
broke...my 5000 leaks power steering fluid...etc).

| Dan |
Dan Simoes			          dans@ans.net
Associate Programmer		         (914) 789-5378
Advanced Network & Services               Elmsford, NY