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[Dave Lawson: RE: Door handles]

Dave Lawson  dlawson@bell.com wrote:

> What fun! I have attempted to replace the handle on my TQC. After some time 
> I gave up and drove the car to the mechanic. In 5 minutes time the door 
> handle was on, after I had just spent around 1 hour and still couldn't get 
> it connected. He used what looked like an ice pick with the end bent 90 
> degrees to place the lock rod into its location on the handle. This feat was 
> performed with the door panel in place and the door handle tilted out from 
> the door.

> One of these days I will probably learn how to do it, luckily I haven't had 
> a door handle break in over a year. Hope this helps.

This trick would be really difficult with the "Armor Door Plates" or similar
pry-guards on the handles.  The inside door panels come off easily enough once
your have the sequence down.

Just my own 1/50th of $1.00.

Chris Idleman  <cidleman@pica.army.mil>