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Does 1993- 90CS have Servotronic or no? (was: Total of Audi 80 - Final Chapter)

> Date: Tue, 30 Aug 1994 09:33:56 +0500
> From: u3109@calv1.cray.com (Mike W. Young)

> On Mon Aug 29 17:50:08 1994
> David_Wagner@dgc.ceo.dg.com wrote:
> >4. We've now leased her a '94 90S (pearl), which she *loves*
> >   (I actually like it too, which is unusual since it's a slushbox)
> >   That V6 is a sweet engine, nice *relatively* low-end torque (peaks
> >   at 3000 RPM vs. my QC's 4500... The servotronic is a little weird
> >   to get used to, but otherwise the car handles very well and it is
> >   *real* solid and *REAL* quiet...
> Hi David, I was also mistaken about the vague steering in my '93 90CS
> we can attribute it to plain ol' over assist, and not to Servotronic.
> John Greenstreet suggested the lack of Servotronic, and I checked with the
> dealer and Audi USA, and the 90 series does not have Servotronic available
> in the USA. All the better for us.

Hmmm. The window sticker and the manual for my 1993 90CS both mention that
the car has "variable-assist" power steering. Does Audi's "normal" power
steering system (i.e. non-Servotronic) have variable assist?

I can testify that my 90CS does, in fact, have some sort of variable assist
power steering, as it has the "one-finger" effort in parking lots, but
much a more natural effort level at speed.

Maybe I'll do some snooping around and see if I can find a Servotronic box
or some other tell-tale hardware which would indicate what type of assist
the recent 90s have.