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Re: Homebrew Boost.

re: adjustable WG

There are 2 types of WGs that I know of. One has an adjustment screw installed
from the factory. Simply screw the screw IN to increase spring tension and
raise boost pressure. These are early ur-Quattro WGs and some Euro WGs.
The second and more common WG, 5000 turbo-type, has a solid "shim" screwed
into the adjustment hole in the WG top. What you need to do with this baby
is to remove the "shim" by unscrewing it from the inside with, I think, an
8mm allen wrench. They are locktited in place, so spray some WD-40, etc.
in from the top, after removing the little cover plate, and wiggle the
"shim" back-and-forth to free it up and remove by unscrewing. Now you need
to make your own adjustment screw by taking a bolt with the same diam. and
threads, about 2 1/2 to 3 inches long, and turn the end down in a lathe.
you will also need to fabricate a washer-type unit to fit onto the top of the
spring with a hole in it for the turned-down end of the bolt to fit into.
Screw the bolt into the WG top from the top and reassemble with the washer-unit
and spring. Now you can adjust the WG by turning the bolt without removing
the WG top or spring. There are limits to how much boost you can get with
a given spring and bolt length. Also, you must not tighten the bolt down
so far that you bind the spring. Keep in mind that there are two very
different spring lengths. The 5000 Turbos I've seen have a very short and
weak spring. Highest boost would be acheived with an ur-Quattro type spring,
black-stripe is stock, green-stripe is better and is the IA spring.

If there is enough demand I will build some of these ready-to-install
adjustable WG kits, adjustment bolts, washer-units and possible WG
springs as well. Lemme know if you would be interested in such a kit at
about $100 complete, or around $60-75 for bolt and washer setups.

NOTE: you will still need a CPU mod for boost higher than what a stock CPU
      will allow!!!