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Re[2]: Oil Change Intervals

Regarding the recent discourse on oil changes...

My last car was an 1986 16V Scirocco.  Early on, I ran the car on 20W50 Castrol 
GTX.  By about 60K miles I was noting a steady increase in oil consumption.  I 
spoke to a few VW owners who said that VWs "eat" castrol.  I then switched to 
Mobil 1 and my consumption dropped to a neglible amount.

Have any fellow Audi owners had similar problems with Castrol?

I recently read from the list that someone had stated that there is more blow-
by at cold start with the synthetics than with regular oil.  

Does this give better "cold start" protection?

Inquiring (new to Audi) minds want to know....

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q

Subject: RE: Oil Change Intervals
Author:  samaras@wrksys.enet.dec.com
Date:    9/8/94  10:13 AM


My average change interval is/was 7K miles.  I only changed the filter when I
changed the oil.  I know it's better to change more frequently, but at 1K miles
a week, it's just too much to do.  My thinking was that since Mobil-1 costs
twice as much, I'd leave it in twice as long. If I had the time, I'd change the
oil more often.  I really can't say that I caused any damage from my scheme,
but I do think changing the oil more often is goodness.


>I assume you change the oil filter every 3k/3mo?  I was told that you could
>get 10K on synthetic if you changed the filter and added oil every 3-3.5mo.
>So, would you say it would be good practice to dump all the oil on every
>other filter change if the interval is 3-3.5 mos?