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RE: Oil Change Intervals

I went to synthetic in my non-turbo for 2 reasons:

1) no garage and gravel driveway makes oil-changes more of a hastle
(especially in winter!), so synthetic allows me to extend the interval and
make it thru winter without an oil change.

2) I have the typical audi lifter-clatter which is not limited to startup.
I used synth. in hopes it would reduce this.  It hasn't made a significant
difference IMO.  Also tried Slick50, again with little noticable benefit.
Might be new lifter time...where does one get those Schrick cams again?

On a side note, I used some marine bearing grease on the sunroof last nite.
EVERYONE WITH A SUNROOF MUST DO THIS!!!  It sounds like I've got a new
motor in there.  The roof closes about 2X as fast and doesn't sound like
it's dying.  I looked for "bicycle lube" at the local hardware store, but
all they had was white lith., regular old wheel bearing grease, and this
marine stuff which is supposed to be used in boat trailer bearings.  I'll
let you know how long this stuff hangs on.


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