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RE: Brake problems.

>OK so I have a diagnosis.  My brake idiot light is flashing when I stab at
>my brakes just before a fast corner due to a bad accumulator.  Now the 
>question is (questions are?) where is it?  

My Bentley shows it's between the front driver's side wheel and the front
driver's headlight.

>What's it look like?  

Looks like a small bottle with a nipple on the bottom end. A crummy description
- I know.

>What's involved in replacing it?

Don't know, but I'll find out soon (my brake light comes on occasionally when I
start up the car in the morning).

>Are there any major "gotcha's" that I should be aware of?  Just what the heck
>is an accumulator anyway?  (Yeah, I know, it's the gadget that keeps yer idiot 
>lite from flashin'.  :-) )

I believe it's used to store pressure in that blue plastic bottle that you can
see when you open the driver's door. This pressure is used to provide assist
when the engine is off for steering and brakes.