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Brake problems.

   Sorry, I've not be watch this discussion real close so I don't know the 
   car.  On my TQC the Pressue Accumulator is on the right side of the 
   engine near the mount.  It is a round ball, about 3 in. in dia. and sits 
   a-top a block with several hoses attached.  According to my "Introductory 
   Service Training Information" Manual, the accumultor ". . . stores the 
   (hydraulic oil, AKA ATF) under pressure for operating the hydralic power 
   brake unit."  As I understand, it real function is to act as a temp. 
   storage unit for the ATF (at a high pressure) to ensure you have brakes, 
   even when the engineis at idle.  From the accumulator the ATF goes to the 
   brake servo.

It also provides the "instantaneous" assist that the engine doesn't have
the capacity for, even at freeway speeds. From direct personal experience,
stepping on the brakes (halfway between merely "applying" the brakes and
*STANDING* on the brakes) provides virtually no assist with a dead accumu-
lator. In the half-second it takes you to realize that stepping on the
brakes is having no noticeable effect (other than rapidly closing on the
obstacle in front of you), two things happen: one - you *STAND* on the
brakes (with heart in mouth...); and two: the engine has had ample time to
gradually build up full braking assist pressure, so that you now lock all
four wheels . . . at 70mph . . . loads'o'fun fer sur!