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Re: Brake problems.

On Thu, 8 Sep 1994, Robert (Bob) Myers wrote:

> OK so I have a diagnosis.  My brake idiot light is flashing when I stab at
> my brakes just before a fast corner due to a bad accumulator.  Now the 
> question is (questions are?) where is it?  What's it look like?  What's
> involved in replacing it?  Are there any major "gotcha's" that I should be
> aware of?  Just what the heck is an accumulator anyway?

Sorry, I've not be watch this discussion real close so I don't know the 
car.  On my TQC the Pressue Accumulator is on the right side of the 
engine near the mount.  It is a round ball, about 3 in. in dia. and sits 
a-top a block with several hoses attached.  According to my "Introductory 
Service Training Information" Manual, the accumultor ". . . stores the 
(hydraulic oil, AKA ATF) under pressure for operating the hydralic power 
brake unit."  As I understand, it real function is to act as a temp. 
storage unit for the ATF (at a high pressure) to ensure you have brakes, 
even when the engineis at idle.  From the accumulator the ATF goes to the 
brake servo.

BTW, I replace a defective accumulator on my TQC with one from a BMW 535 
(I think) 'cause it was much cheaper than buying one from my local (or 
shoud I say loco) Audi dealer.  If you like I can forward the part number 
to you (provided I can find it.)


  (Yeah, I know, it's
> the gadget that keeps yer idiot lite from flashin'.  :-) )
> Your input will be highly valued.  TIA.
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