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On Thu, 8 Sep 1994, Eliot Lim wrote:

> they also organize track events which i think is their main activity..
> unfortunately i don't live anywhere remotely close to minnesota and so
> far there has only been one event on the west coast.

Agreed, I'm a bit of a distance from Minni-soda . . .
> finally, if i were to punt 4 wheel thingies around the track my
> preference would be to be on a kart rather than on my daily
> transportation appliance...  :)

I used to below to the local Porsche Club and the club would rent the 
local race track (where we are lucky enough to now have a CART race every 
June or July!). It was really fun to take the 'ol 911 out on a rainly 
day and push the limit because you didin't have to go very fast in the 
wet to get a feeling of who the car behaved.  The resultant learnd 
skills have be very useful when driving in the snow when me and the 
spouse go skiing.  All-in-all, I recommend a track day/drivers training 
session for anyone who wishes to enjoy the performance capabilities of 
our fav. cars.

As for the Quattro Club, perhaps some active members who also participate 
in this news group can take a hint and figure out a way to ensure members 
get their $30 worth . . . 

> > eliot > 

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