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On Thu, 8 Sep 1994, Dave Lawson wrote:

> What are people looking for in the club and newsletter? new car reviews, 
> travel articles, mechanical/service information, performance enhancements, 
> track events, touring events, social functions, parts information, ??? Since 
> we belong to it, it's our club. What do we want it to be like? Its not a 
> great club, but I would hate to see it go away.
> Comments?
>  -

Mr. Lawson has made several good points. I suspect the Quattro Club is 
serving some of its members rather well, especially in locations where 
there are critical masses of Quattro pilots.  

I didn't mean to (overly) disparage the Club.  Rather, I was struck by how 
this news group was serving my keen interest in Quattros on a daily 
basis and how the immediacy and interactive nature of this form 
contrasted to the once-per-three-months/passive nature of the news letter.

As for the questions above, being a TQC owner I need tech info and parts 
resources at less than the dealer list prices from my local Audi dealer!

I guess if I want an active local Quattro Club chapter I'll have to 
champion such an enterprise.  Well, its an idea . . .