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Re: odometer cable

(Reposting - most of original post lost...)

>> From: silbey@colnago.asd.sgi.com (Alex Silbey)
>> The solution is to take out the instrument cluster, then the speedometer.
>> Using a small screwdriver in the speedo input, you can see which gears need
>> to mesh and push the gear back firmly into contact with the worm.  This
>> fixed it for about a year.  Then last week, resetting the trip odometer
>> pulled it back apart, so I'll be diving back in tomorrow to see if there's
>> a more permanent fix (krazy glue?).
>yeah, I've done this too, krazy glue has kept ours going for 4 years now.
>Carl DeSousa

I have had my odometer hang three times in three weeks. Each time it was
trying to roll another 100 miles. The second time I took the speedo out
I noticed that the hang seemed to be in the cog that activated the OXS
idiot light mechanism. Something was causing the OXS stuff to hang the
whole works. The gear that meshed with the worm gear gets pulled out just
as described above. 

Carl, what did you krazy glue to fix yours? With the speedo removed I
still  can't get to most of the odometer very easily. Did you have to
remove the faceplate?

I have thought about deep-sixing the whole OXS mechanism since I usually
change the sensor before the light goes on anyway and get tired of having
to remove the instrument cluster to reset it. The only reason I
didn't do this the SECOND time I fixed the odometer is that it looked like
a good way to find out how much a new speedometer would cost.  :-(

Thanks for any info.

Robert Patrick                      '84 5000 S - 141,700 miles and holding :-)
Loral Federal Systems - Manassas