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Oil in Coolant

Hello All,

I have noticed some puddles of oil floating on top of the coolant in my
expansion tank on my '84 5000 S. I know this is REALLY BAD, but I am 
wondering just how the oil could get into the coolant. My first thought
is head gasket, but if that is the case then I should see coolant in the
oil, (which I don't), coolant or oil in the exhaust (ditto) or coolant or
oil spewing forth from between the head and cylinder (ditto again).

One other idea is that something EXTREMELY BAD has happened inside the
head... I would prefer not to even think about this...  :-(

Has anybody else had experience with the Audi 2.1 l inline 5 in this
area? I can only hope that it is something like a head gasket (i.e.
repairable) rather that something that is much worse (whatever that
might be...)

Thanks for any help...

Robert Patrick
Loral Federal Systems - Manassas