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Re: heads

> Well, my TQC head woes continue (surprise).  I need a new one.  I wanna
> go with a hydraulic, I think.  Since I'm gonna rebuild the thing from
> scratch anyway, I just need to find a cheap, used head off of an
> 84 or later 5000 turbo.  Audis aren't too popular here on the left coast,
> but I remember some chat here just a few days ago about an Audi wrecking 
> yard heavan somewhere in Massichusits (sp?) I think called ABD or something
> similar?  Anyway, how about that info again or any other place where I
> can walk away with a head for a song.  Thanks -

The yard is ABC Auto in Leominster. Sorry, I don't have the number
handy, but it's area code 508. Also, try Airport Auto also in Leominster.


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