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Water Wetter?

Recently, I've been having some slight thermoregulation problems
in my '89 100Q. Getting stuck in traffic makes it heat up a lot
more quickly than it used to when it was young. The fluid and
hoses are in good shape.

So, since I was ordering from Imparts anyway, I decided to blow
five bucks on a bottle of "Water Wetter". It claims to improve
heat transfer and make engines run cooler. I figured that for
$5, it might save some $$$ repairs, and what have I got to lose?

This morning, I came up with an answer to that question: my radiator.

Does anyone know whether this stuff:
	a) works, spent that $5 wel
	b) doesn't work but is harmless, wasted $5
	c) will screw up Audi aluminum radiators


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