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Re: Oil filters.

> 	I guess after all this very educational discussion (at least for me)
> about oils a natural question is :
> 	How about the oil filter ? What brand(s) have you tried ?
> What do you recommend ?
> 	On a second thought, how about some recomendations on air filters.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Evangelos
> 5000 CS Turbo '86

We've had discussions on oil and air filters several times before; but
I'll summarize. We have to put that FAQ together :-)

Recommended oil filter is the original Audi filter, especially for turbos.
Audi oil filters have the anti-drain-back valve which prevents the oil
from flowing back into the sump overnight. This ensures good lubrication
for the top of the engine at startup and reduces hydraulic lifter noise.
For your 5000 CST, which I think has the single turbo filter, the Audi
part number is 035 115 561. Costs ~$14 at the dealer. Order the same from
PAP (800-944-2964) for $7.99 each if you order 6 of them. Oil filters made
by Mahle, Knecht and Mann are excellent and are OEM suppliers to VW, Audi,
BMW and Mercedes.

Air filter - K&N FilterCharger is excellent. Costs more than the ordinary
paper filter but lasts for the lifetime of the car. Needs cleaning and 
re-oiling every 30 to 50K miles depending on usage and dust conditions.
It is free-flowing and claims to increase the horsepower by about 2 hp,
which is not noticeable easily, but turbos may benefit more from this.
The extended cleaning intervals spares you the trouble of removing and
installing the air filter (not an easy task on many Audis).