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Re: Water Wetter?

   Recently, I've been having some slight thermoregulation problems
   in my '89 100Q. Getting stuck in traffic makes it heat up a lot
   more quickly than it used to when it was young. The fluid and
   hoses are in good shape.

More quickly, or just hotter? Make sure the radiator fan is comming on
"high" speed (as opposed to ignition-off low speed if so equipped, and
AC-triggered super-high-speed if so equipped). I had a similar occurence
when the ground connection to a bank of relays including the radiator
fan "high" speed relay disconnected itself -- car ran/cooled fine on
the highway, or if A/C was engaged, but at traffic lights after some
cruising it "promptly" overheated. Never overlook the obvious . . .

   So, since I was ordering from Imparts anyway, I decided to blow
   five bucks on a bottle of "Water Wetter". It claims to improve
   heat transfer and make engines run cooler. I figured that for
   $5, it might save some $$$ repairs, and what have I got to lose?

   This morning, I came up with an answer to that question: my radiator.

   Does anyone know whether this stuff:
	   a) works, spent that $5 wel
	   b) doesn't work but is harmless, wasted $5
	   c) will screw up Audi aluminum radiators

My mechanic highly recommeded that I run some water-wetter in my UrQ.
He said "Redline" (brand), and make sure it did not have <x> in it,
where <x> was "cooling system lubricant" or "anti-rust" or some other
magic miracle ingredient -- i.e., use "pure" wetting agent, nothing
else. Haven't gotten around to it yet . . . dunno if that helps or