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Re: More problems

> For the last week or so I have been informed by my trip computer
> that my fuel tank is empty.  (Flashing E in the display.)  The
> fuel gauge says otherwise.  It indicates that I have maybe a
> third to perhaps a half tank left.  When I fill the tank it
> accepts only about the right amount as indicated by the fuel
> gauge.

the miles-to-empty flakiness is the reason why audi dropped the trip
computer completely for 93 and newer cars.  result.. the highly
pressurised s4 has no boost gauge.. (aftermarket, anyone?)

the fix for 92 and older cars was to replace the entire dash..  at
least this was what audi did when i had similar flakiness..  i.e, a
completely new instrument cluster.  (btw, the factory doesn't ship
odometers with 0 miles, they ship them with 999,800 (or something like
that; i had such a kick watching my car reach 000000.0 miles)

anyway, the official fix is mucho bux.. i would just ignore it if i
were you.  it is fixable, btw, my new instrument cluster works great,
including the miles to empty.