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Re: Audi Trip Computer, and V8 running rich

On 16 Sep 1994 David.L.Bauer@att.com wrote:
> but the problem was
> with the engine control module.  It needed to be replaced.  A cool $1,000.

> The car had 49600 miles on it, so Audi picked up the cost of the computer,
> installation and tow under the 50,000 mile emissions warranty (I had only
> 400 miles to spare!).    

>It still needed a cam belt (whether just for
> preventative maintenance or due to this incident, I'm unsure), and
> a water pump for an unrelated problem, so I was still out close to 
> a thousand bucks.

did you pay $1K just for the timing belt replacement??? yow!!
the timing belt does need to be replaced at 60K but i paid
way less than that..  couple of hundred as i recall.
> These cars sure are fun, but damn, they're expensive!

not if you bought an extended warranty.. :)

i paid $800, and after 2 claims have more than made up the original

right now mine has been running without a single glitch for the last
15K miles..  only needs oil changes and gas.  oh, i'll be sticking
boge pro gas shocks in the front soon...