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Re: Audi Trip Computer, and V8 running rich

> Another recent thread deals with V8s running rich.  Let me tell you

I guess it might have been me that started the "rich-running V8" as a 
side-remark to something else. I'll tell the tale now...

My father owns a 1991 V8 with probably about 40,000 KM (about 25K miles)
and enjoys it thoroughly!

On the August 27 weekend my parents drove from Montreal to visit us (2 hours
west).  Dad felt that the car was running hot, and found that it would 
stumble (in Park, at idle) if you simply "blipped" the gas pedal. Much black
carbon-rich smoke would come from the exhaust when you would rev the engine
as well. Even though the V8 is ultra-smooth, there seemed to be a slight
shake to the engine at idle also.

The local Audi dealer provides service on Saturdays for "emergency repairs"
and had one of the V8-trained technicians on-staff! The problem turned out
to be the passenger side distributor leaking oil into the distributor cap
and causing mis-firing. It's possibly an O-ring or some type of seal in
the distributor shaft that's failing... So new distributor is the fast
dealer repair. Reset the computer memory and all is well again.

Just FYI for those who might like to know!


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