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Audi Trip Computer, and V8 running rich

On the Trip Computer question:
A couple list members have been asking again about the flaky
trip computer  (symptoms -- "E" flashing at random times, and
miles-to-empty changing randomly, sometimes rapidly, and bearing no
relationship to the reality indicated by the fuel gauge).  I posted
this question to the list awhile ago when my 91 V8 exhibited these
problems, and the conclusions were:
    its a software bug.  Its been fixed in a new PROM, but the
prom isn't independently orderable or installable.  Those who
have had the repair done under warranty report that the factory
repair procedures required a replacement of the entire instrument cluster.
Those who are out of warranty have found the fix to be prohibitively
expensive.  Conclusions:  if you have the problem and you're still
under the Audi Advantage, get it fixed before your warranty expires.
If you're out of warranty, enjoy it for its entertainment value!
Amaze your friends when your computer shows you have 680 miles to
empty on a quarter tank of gas, only to find yourself down to
40 miles to empty 5 minutes later!
Another recent thread deals with V8s running rich.  Let me tell you
my recent experiences with my V8.   My wife ran our V8 out of gas 
a couple weeks ago (although, as it turns out, this is probably
irrelevant to the story). The car sputtered and coughed and blew ugly black
smoke and wouldn't start, even after we went and put a gas can full
of unleaded premium in it.  So I had it trucked to the independent
mechanic who has been servicing it, and my Quantum Syncro before it,
since it ran out of warranty.   He ran a compression check and 
found the compresssion all over the map in the various cylinders,
and suspected a broken timing belt and possible valve damage (as
visions of my bank account vanishing started dancing in my head...).
He didn't want to fool with it, so we trucked it again, this time to the
Audi shop.  They concluded the timing was fine, but the problem was
with the engine control module.  It needed to be replaced.  A cool $1,000.

The car had 49600 miles on it, so Audi picked up the cost of the computer,
installation and tow under the 50,000 mile emissions warranty (I had only
400 miles to spare!).    It still needed a cam belt (whether just for
preventative maintenance or due to this incident, I'm unsure), and
a water pump for an unrelated problem, so I was still out close to 
a thousand bucks.
These cars sure are fun, but damn, they're expensive!
BTW, if anyone is seeking one of the rare V8 5-speeds (there's only
75 of 'em in the US), Kuni Lexus in Denver (303.798.9500) has been
advertising one.  The ad claims low miles but lists no price or other
details.  I haven't called myself -- one is enough for us!

dave bauer   91 V8 5-speed     AT&T Denver    dlb@longs.att.com