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Reply to: 1990 Audi 90Q 20v - good?

CEO comments:
Dan, I have the '90 20V Coupe Quattro (basically same car except for 
"coupeness")  . Currently 72.5K miles in New England (with 8-10' of 
snow each of last 2 winters!)

So far, other than replacing the brakes at 57K miles, I've only had 
the AC compressor go on me.  Mileage, compression, all operation 
aspects have been great.

Could only estimate a fair price.  I know I wouldn't let mine go 
unless under duress; and then not for less than $16K - whether or not 
that's realistic - only the market could tell.

I'd have NO qualms about buying a used one, provided service, oil 
chg's etc were done/documented.


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From: dans@ans.net:dg-smtp
Date: ## 09/22/94 10:06 ##
Someone here at work has one of the above which I've been
lusting after for a while :).  I happened to ask him how
it was doing this morning and he's thinking of trading
it in on a 94 100Q lease.  Ahh!  I'm buying a house!!!


- anyone have a price guide handy?  mine is at home
  (no biggie)

- how many 20v quattros do we have on the list?  how is their
  reliability vs the 10v engines?

Comments welcome - now let's see, what can I sell...

| Dan |
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