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ABS problems revisited

I'm still trying to diagnose an ABS problem in my `91 V8 5-speed (without
the benefit of a Bosch ABS tester).  As I mentioned before, a solenoid will 
start operating at very low speeds as I'm approaching a stop.  Lately, the 
system will switch itself off when driving at highway speeds (no braking).  
I'm reasonably sure it's a wheel sensor problem, but I Ohm'ed  each one and 
they all came up within reasonable values (1.26-1.28 kOhm).  I'll next check 
if one is shorted to ground.  I have a couple of questions:

1.  Is there any easy way I can figure out which wheel the system thinks is 
locking up?

2.  What does the wheel sensor itself output (i.e., a voltage or a frequency)?

I plan to take home a portable battery oscilloscope this weekend, if I can
figure out what to try to measure with it.  I'd appreciate any advice you
can give me.

Dick Meyer
Applied Research Laboratory
Penn State University
State College, PA 16804