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looking for 310HP 6speed S4

I'm not personally, but I met a guy who is (more about that later).  If anybody
knows of a 310 HP 6 speed S4 please let me know and I'll pass the info. along.

Now the rest of the story...

As I was driving through town in my `91 V8 5 speed, I looked over at a 
car dealer lot and saw a guy loading up some stuff into beautiful `94
pearl white S4.  I thought of stopping and chatting with the guy, but I
didn't.  About a mile farther down the (4-lane) road, I glanced at the 
guy beside me in the left lane, and it was he.  He yelled over at me to
punch it, which I tried to do, but before I found the right gear he lost me
(he caught me by surprise).  I caught him at the next light, and he 
motioned me to pull over which I did.  He'd never driven a 5 speed V8 before,
so I let him take a drive.  Likewise, I took his S4 for a drive.  I mentioned
about this newsgroup to him, and that some time ago, somebody (Glen, I think)
posted regarding a 310 HP S4 for sale.  He sounded very interested, but since
he's not an Internetter, I told him I'd put forth the request for info.

BTW, comparing the two directly, the S4 didn't have the smooth response all
along the powerband that the V8 has, but when I reached about 3000 RPM and
the turbo spooled up to speed, the results were very satisfying.  I like
the overboost alot!  I think the V8 may also pull a little harder close to
redline, but I wasn't sure (keep in mind , I'm talking about the 3.6L V8).
The S4 also felt a little stiffer than the V8 (which has a firm ride in its 
own right) and had less body roll--I liked it!

Dick Meyer
Applied Research Laboratory
Penn State University
State College, PA