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machining of V8 front brake rotors (old style)

I'm getting a little shimmy during braking on my `91 V8.  I feel it through
the steering wheel so it's most likely the front rotors.  The problem is that
the early V8's used VERY unconventional front rotors. If you were to cut one
in half along its axis of rotation and look at the cross-section, it is a 
C-shape.  I've never been able to come up with a reason for this design;
however, that's not the point.  Has anybody had any luck with machining
these rotors to get them to run "true" again?  I've heard horror stories about 
the cost of a new set, so I don't mind investing in a some machine shop time.
Also, does anyone know the cost of the engineering "upgrade" to put more
conventional brakes on the front?

Dick Meyer
ARL Penn State
State College, PA