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Re: Retorquing Heads

In a previous message,Zafer Mehmood  [209] writes:
>I would suggest you retorque the cylinder head bolts following the
>procedure in the service manual. You have nothing to lose, and it may
>very well stop the oil leak. I have sucessfully done the same job on
>a Dodge Colt, with a Mitsubishi engine, and it held up fine over 35K miles
>later, when I sold it. Retorquing the bolts is much easier than
>taking apart the head to replace the gasket. Also, you may prevent a
>completely blown gasket later which may very well happen if left the way it is.

Not to confuse the issue...but I would not suggest overtorquing (or even
retorquing) a gasket which may be broken or damaged.  The additional crush
may make any cracks in the gasket material LARGER than before causing the
leak to worsen.

As you crush the gasket material (even metal), the material spreads out 
(ie. gets thinner).  When it does this, it might make cracks spread open, 
making the problem worse.

I would say try it...and if it doesn't work, you needed a new gasket
anyway...but don't get your hopes up, IMO.

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