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Re: Source for lifters/valves?

In a previous message,Dan Simoes writes:
>Carlsen is a given, but where else?
>I'm tired of people asking 'what's that noise?' about our 1990
>90.  This past weekend someone asked if it was a diesel!

I have the same noise...think it was caused by using a non-Audi oil filter
(one without a check valve in it).

>The engine only has 80k miles and I'm very disappointed that it
>might already need these parts.  I use Quaker State 10w30 in winter,

Tried running Syntec and Slik50...doesn't help.  I've gone back to regular oil
because I can't justify the high cost of synthetic in a non-turbo car.

>I know some ticking is normal at startup, but this happens even
>when it's hot at times.  It also can be intermittent ....tic tic
>TICK TICK TICK....tic tic....

Again...I have the same problem.  I think Glen Powell said (hope I'm right
here, Glen) that either ignore it or replace the lifters...but it will probably
just come back in time.

I'm kindof saving up for it, cause when I do it, I want to have the head
reworked, put in a more agressive cam, etc.  I'll be putting some messages out
to the list when the time comes.  ;-)

>>From hearing other Audis drive by it is very common.  So, what should
>I try fixing?

It's lifter noise from the hydraulics...not much you can do except replace
them I understand.  Perhaps there's an oil-pressure regulator that's
malfunctioning???  I had one on my Datsun...basically a needle and seat valve
with a calibrated spring in it.  Do these exist on Audis?

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