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Re: Source for lifters/valves?

In a previous message,Mike LaRosa writes:
>I'm not trying to give you a hard time, but are sure it's the valves and
>not the fuel injectors ticking ?  I ran into this with my wifes 88 528ea
>the ticking sounded like valves, but closer inspection with a big
>screwdriver used as a stethoscope revealed the lifters were fine but the 
>injectors are noisy as hell!

I've got basically the same car as Dan, and this isn't injector noise...people
walking by the car look at it and go "Wow...that doesn't sound good."  It's
not a ticking....but more of a "clack, clack, clack...."  Very loud and very
annoying.  You can hear it inside the cabin with the windows rolled up.  Funny
thing is that I don't get the noise 100% of the time during cold starts.  Most
times I do...sometimes I don't.  It usually goes away after it warms up...but
not always.

I can't imagine that this *doesn't* do any harm.

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