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Source for lifters/valves?

Carlsen is a given, but where else?
I'm tired of people asking 'what's that noise?' about our 1990
90.  This past weekend someone asked if it was a diesel!
The engine only has 80k miles and I'm very disappointed that it
might already need these parts.  I use Quaker State 10w30 in winter,
spring and fall, and Castrol GTX 20w50 in the summer.  It does seem
to burn or lose a bit of oil, maybe a quart or two every 3000 miles
(oil change interval).

I know some ticking is normal at startup, but this happens even
when it's hot at times.  It also can be intermittent ....tic tic
TICK TICK TICK....tic tic....

>From hearing other Audis drive by it is very common.  So, what should
I try fixing?

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