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Re: hard cold start / PCV oil loss

David Kavanaugh wrote: 
> OK, about oil loss.  I haven't kept exact figures, but I'll bet I lose about
> 1 quart every 1000 mile or less.  Since I'm using Mobil 1, I want to fix the
> problem instead of burning the oil.  I don't have a leak that results in
> oil on my driveway.  I have noticed an oil build-up on the metal pipe
> between the intake boot and the turbocharger.  The oil appears to be leaking
> out from under the boot and onto the surface of the pipe.I have had the intake
> plumbing apart (to some extent), and noticed an oil build-up.So, I can imaging
> my intercooler looks kinda messy!

I noticed oil in the turbocharger intake hose and also in the air filter
box (just a little) in my car too - same year/model as yours - '87 5000 TQ.
When I was at the Audi dealer for an unrelated job, I asked their chief
mechanic and the Service Manager, both of whom said that some amount of
oil in these places is normal and not to worry about it. When I said I
was wondering if it was the turbo bearings going bad, they said I'd know
that right away with the smoke in the exhaust. I've been planning to
take these hoses out and clean them to prevent the oil from deteriorating
the rubber. Should get around to it one of these days.

I don't think this can account for your 1q/1K mile oil loss. There must
be something else causing it. Check to see if the PCV hoses are *plugged* -
I have read that this can cause increased oil consumption. As Bill mentioned,
these hoses get mushy after a few years and tear or collapse. I use Mobil 1
too and find no loss of oil between 5K mile changes. How many miles do you
have on the car? Have you done an engine compression check lately? This
could rule out worn rings.


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