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Re: looking for 310HP 6speed S4

On Tue, 20 Sep 1994, DICK MEYER wrote:

> I'm not personally, but I met a guy who is (more about that later).  If anybody
> knows of a 310 HP 6 speed S4 please let me know and I'll pass the info. along.

the 310 bhp part is probably quite easy to pull off.. just go see ned 
ritchie..  the 6 speed may be more expensive to transplant though..

> BTW, comparing the two directly, the S4 didn't have the smooth response all
> along the powerband that the V8 has, but when I reached about 3000 RPM and
> the turbo spooled up to speed, the results were very satisfying. 

i found that the 5 didn't sound as nice as the v8, but makes up for it in
a big way by having the afterburners!   that is the single most entertaining
aspect of the car.. i drove the new turbo eclipse last sunday.. no comparison
as far as the blast is concerned.

> I like the overboost alot!

hee hee addictive, ain't it?

>  I think the V8 may also pull a little harder close to
> redline, but I wasn't sure (keep in mind , I'm talking about the 3.6L V8).

for an engine that develops max. torque at 1950 rpm, that's not surprising.
it can rev, but really its preferred driving style is mid range and boost,
boost and more boost..

> The S4 also felt a little stiffer than the V8 (which has a firm ride in its 
> own right) and had less body roll--I liked it!

the biggest advantage the s4 has over the v8 in my mind is the better
structural rigidity.. also, the s4 has far less weight up front and can
corner more tenaciously.