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Re: TQ Coupe Wiring Diagrams

On Fri, 16 Sep 1994, Robert D. Houk wrote:

>    > Does anyone know where to find a competent wiring diagram for my 83 TQ
>    > Coupe???? Even a hand drawn relay locator would brighten the day.
>    > 
>    Try the Bently manual.  They're not cheap but neither are parts not 
>    service by someone else.
> The Bently is at best a crude approximation to the UrQ's wiring, especially
> when it comes to relays and fuses (and then it is basically just wrong!, al-
> though occasionally it is right).

Agreed - perhaps asking for a "competent" wiring diagram is a stretch.  
I've read (in European Car) that the later addition of the 4000/TQC/Coupe 
manual is better than my version (Audi part # LPV 800 423 - dated 1987 
per page iv of my Bently Manual) as the latter version has a section 
on transmission on TQC's and a more accurate diagram for the wiring.  Can 
anyone verify this?


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