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URGENT - An update....

Well, I feel a *little* better now.  I called 2 other reputable shops to
get quotes.

One shop said $232 + $65 for the alignment, the other said around $240
including alignment.  The job is a 1.5 hr/side job which requires dropping
the a-arms and replacing both the front and rear bushings on the left and
right sides.  Alignment is usually not required, but with newish tires, it
would be recommended.

Worst case over the lowest quote, I'm out $80....$40 of which is in the
difference between the alignment prices.  I think I know where I'm going to
take it next time, but for now I feel a little better about this.
Actually, next time, I'll do it myself -- but with no garage and a gravel
driveway, it makes auto-work difficult at best.


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