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Re: URGENT - An update....

i had 4 bushing changed on my 84 4000s( i think there are four, who knows i
didn't do it) at my local audi guy for 100 bucks a side including parts
i am hoping for the same price for my 5000s
which i think needs a set, what is the life of these bushings?
i have about 60000 miles on my 88 5000s and 114000 on my 4000s(84) i did the
bushings at 102000 on the 4000s in 89' i am finding that the 5000 tends to
wear out parts faster, in the exception of my rear brakes which my mechanis
tell me are like BRAND new??? i however had to buy new rotors and brake pads
to replace the orginal factory pads and rotors???
well comments would be helpful anyone out there with any experience in this??

Jay Gowda
American MicroGraphics Company, Inc
Systems Operations Manager

84 4000s
88 5000s