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Re: URGENT - work in progress!

Chris wrote...

   Just found out that my '88 90Q needs new control-arm bushings + 4whl
   alignment.  The bushings are not "gone" but are worn and "spongy" causing a
   steering flutter at low-medium speeds.

   Cost of parts + labor + alignment ($79) ~ $320 (dealer work)

   Does this seem out of line for the severity of the problem?

   The dealer also indicated that rear brakes are poor and new pads and rotors
   are called for.  Cost for this, $350.  I told him to wait on this as I
   "have to save up".  Might be true, but I'll do it myself thank you.

   Please let me know if you have had this type of work done before (bushing
   and/or brakes) and can give me some perspective.  Hell, I had the head on
   my Fiat reworked + new valves about 5 yrs. ago for $350...but replacing
   bushings!?  Eeek.



It sounds a little high, but it is dealer work.  The only suspension
parts I've replace on my '84 4000SQ are a couple of ball joints, and
the cost was much less than $350 including the 4W alignment (it was a
third-party mechanic, though).  I just replace front rotors and pads,
and that was <$300.

Now mufflers are a different story...


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