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Re: A Vehicle to bind me over

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Wed Sep 21 21:09:19 1994
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> Subject: A Vehicle to bind me over
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> Since I can't quite afford a Quattro Turbo yet, I went out tonight and bought
> a Range Rover 3.5Ltr V8 :-)
> Dont matter what you put in it, what you tow with it, it has "stacks and
> stacks" of torque.
> Should keep me happy for a bit, thing is, if it grows on me, I'll go out and
> by a better one instead of a quattro.
> They are "The Best 4x4 by Far"
> I challenge anyone to a tow rope contest ? (I.E you tie the two vehicles
> together at the back, and see which pulls the other one backwards).
> I don't know if you get Range Rovers in America, let me know....

Yes, we get them, and as luck would have it, my local VW/Porsche/Audi
dealer sells them.  One of my friends was looking for an expensive
vehicle (image of primary importance to him) and we took one for a
drive.  It was like going back 20 years in automotive techology.  I
couldn't believe how much noise the Buick-based 3.5 l pushrod-V8 made
at low speeds.  I found that much mechanical commotion tiring and very
annoying at only 25 mph or so.  The transmission lends new meaning to
the word slushbox.  Once at highway speed, road and wind noise gained
parity with the engine, making it tolerable.

Being able to win a tow contest (a common daily event?) is a high price
to pay for singularly high levels of noise and vibration, a very poor
ride compared to most any car, lousy handling and braking, as well as
horrendous gas mileage.  And a recent test in Auto, Motor, und Sport
shows that, when equipped with four snow tires, even 2wd cars generally
outperform SUVs in up to 30 cm (one foot) of snow and on packed snow.

Even my image-conscious friend could not justify all the negatives
required to exude the idle-rich aura associated with this vehicle.
(he bought a 300SL)

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