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Re: mirrors for '81 Coupe

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Mon Sep 19 18:58:17 1994
> From: "Rob Reesor" <reesor@tss.com>
> On Sep 18,  7:10pm, KOREN@calvin.bwh.harvard.edu wrote:
> > Subject: RE: mirrors for '81 Coupe
> > Rob,
> > Hi.  What the hell are you talking about?  You are a very annoying
> > person.  If I even knew what a Coupe 81 was, or I had one, I most
> > certainly wouldn't give a second in my day to your silly request
> > for a mirror.  Why do you want a mirror anyways?  Don't you have
> > plenty of other opportunities during the day to look at your
> > pretty angelic face?  Remember this, Rob, "One should never act
> > vain when one is driving in one's car." (Alli Booboona, the
> > great Shaman of Driving).
> > Please, next time look in the yellow pages and don't bother people with your
> > stupid e-mails.  I aint your personal slave, baby.  I do have other
> > things to do with my life besides telling you off, so ciao.
> > Don't bother to respond.
> >-- End of excerpt from KOREN@calvin.bwh.harvard.edu
> Now that I've received two emails from you, I will bother to respond. I sent
> this message to what is supposedly a mailing list for Audi enthusiasts. If you
> don't know what an Audi Coupe is, you're reading the wrong list. It is
> perfectly reasonable to ask for a pointer to second hand side-view mirrors on
> such a mailing list. After all, at $685 for the pair, I prefer to buy them
> second hand. Now, if only I was a Harvard grad, I might be able to afford them

If I may be so bold as to interject, the subjunctive case should be used in
hypothetical situations, so the above phrase should read: "If I *were* a
Harvard grad..."

> new. Grow up!
> -- Rob

If this were rec.autos.misc, I could understand Rob being flamed, but I
must be missing something regarding this thread!

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