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Random Questions

A month and a half ago, an '86 Audi 5000CST came into my life.  So far, I've 
been very happy with it.  I've been reading this list on and off for about 
three weeks now and have a few questions/problems which I would like to 

-- The power windows work intermittently.  I know this is a common problem, but
   what can I do to fix it?  Do the switches replace easily?

-- Within the last two weeks, the 'Miles left' function on the computer has
   started jumping around quite a bit.  On half a tank, the display will 
   sometimes show 200 mi. and then work it's way up to 2000 mi. and back down 
   again (2000 mi. on 1/2 a tank?? Pretty good mpg!) The average mpg stays
   around 21 mpg.  Does anyone know what causes this?  This is similar to 
   another post, sorry for the redundancy.

-- Lastly, (for now) since this is my first turbo car, I'd like to know some
   maintainance basics.  What about turbo timers?  Are they worth the money? 
   Are they really necessary on non-performance autos?  Which ones are good?
   The guy I bought the car from said I could expect to replace/rebuild the 
   turbo in about a year.  Is it common for the turbos to go out in this model?

The car itself is in very good shape, 83k, good body and paint, motor runs well,
good brakes and tires, etc.  It looks as though it was well maintained although
the dealer didn't have any records. :-(

Thanks for your help,


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