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Re: Random Questions

> -- The power windows work intermittently.  I know this is a common problem,
>    but what can I do to fix it?  Do the switches replace easily?

You can replace them for about $35 each, dealer price - anybody know the
alternate (PAP, etc.) pricing. But you can also take them apart and clean
them. I use emery cloth to polish the contact surfaces and then lube them
with contact cleaner/lube from radio shack. Current flows through the 
alternate switch on the rear and passenger side so look there too for
switch problems.

Use a flat plastic or wood screwdriver to pry the fixture out of the
door. Once you get the switch out of the holder, pry it open. You'll see
the latches, two on each side. Polish away and reassemble. I keep one
spare that is in good shape (since I bought it before I figured they could
be repaired) and swap it in. Then clean up the bad one and store it away.

Bob Kunz
'86 5000s Wagon