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Re: Random Questions

>On half a tank, the display will 
>   sometimes show 200 mi. and then work it's way up to 2000 mi. and back down 
>   again (2000 mi. on 1/2 a tank?? Pretty good mpg!)

Well I think an Audi with TDI went 1750 miles on a tank, so you're right
up there :-)

>-- Lastly, (for now) since this is my first turbo car, I'd like to know some
>   maintainance basics.  What about turbo timers?  Are they worth the money? 
>   Are they really necessary on non-performance autos?  Which ones are good?
>   The guy I bought the car from said I could expect to replace/rebuild the 
>   turbo in about a year.  Is it common for the turbos to go out in this model?
83k and good maintenance doesn't sound like new turbo time to me.  Its been a
while on this list since anyone needed to replace a turbo because it died.
And you'll know when the boost is gone :-) 
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good luck

jim h