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Re: temperature gauge

> Yesterday I noticed, again, that my temp gauge has stopped working. Last time

This one has to be in the FAQ. Common problem, I'm on my third sensor in 8
years. They cost $85 at the dealer, others have reported better prices
through PAP and other mail order places. On the '86 5 cylinder it is near
the front of the head next to the radiator hose. It has a 4 terminal 
connector and is known by that name. Recent data suggests that the newer
sensors have three terminals (one unused?) The failure mode reported here
by someone who took a bad one apart is that inside is a hybrid circuit and
the solder joints crack under heat stress. Not easily repairable.

The sensor controls the temp guage as well as having some inputs to the
A/C control module. The hypothesis is that it informs engine temp to the 
A/C. Replacement is simple - connector off, screw the old out, screw the new
in. Coolant loss will be minimal, but do it on a cold engine!