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Re: temperature gauge

>Yesterday I noticed, again, that my temp gauge has stopped working. ...Is this 
>a common failure mode on the '89-100Q?  Is there a
>connector corrosion problem at the sensor?  Where is the sensor located?

I've never had the problem, so consider this hearsay....  I've heard that the 
typical explanation is that the "multi-function" sensor has gone bad.  On the 
5000 it is located near the valve cover about one quarter of the way back from 
the engine.  If I were the owner of this car, I'd want to know if said sensor 
also controlled the radiator fan.  If it does, you might be a little concerned 
about taking a trip, paricularly if you will be doing stop and go driving in 
warm weather....

86 5000S
93 Dodge Caravan