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Re: Random Questions

-- The power windows work intermittently.  I know this is a common problem, but
   what can I do to fix it?  Do the switches replace easily?

Intermittent operation does indeed sound like the switches, particularly if the 
offending windows are the left front and back.  Perhaps because these switches 
are closer to the outside of the door, the (internal) contacts seem to corrode 

Its easy service the switches if you don't mind taking the interior trim panel 
off the door.  You'll either need a lot of patience, or experience, or a 
service manual to successfully get the panel off and back on the first time. 
(its not hard - if you keep the car you may get to the point were you can 
remove the panel and get it back on in about 10 minutes) :-)

The hard part is paying for the switches - they are about $25 each.  Its not 
hard to take them apart and clean them yourself.

86 5000S