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Re: Random Questions

Hi C.K.

Having a similar ( '86 5000Q ) I can start you off on a couple of things.

-  The power windows work intermittently.  I know this is a common problem, but
   what can I do to fix it?  Do the switches replace easily?

Do ALL the windows and the sunroof die  TOGETHER intermittantly ?
If only one gives trouble at a time the window switches contacts are
corroded. In an '86 they probably are anyway by now, unless the previous 
owner replaced some of them. Remove the switches one at a time and spray
RADIO SHACK contact cleaner/lubricant into them. Be generous, and operate
the switch furiously for a while. Repeat four or five times. This usually
works, but occasionally there is too much CRUD built up, and INTERNAL
SURGERY needs to be performed. This is risky, sometimes the switch will
break and you will be forced to get a new one. ( Its worth a try ..)

If ALL the switches die simultaneously, you have a defective "POWER WINDOW/
SUNROOF RELAY" If I remember correctly, it is a yellow coloured relay about
fourth or fifth over in the center row of control relays just above the 
hood release latch. Pry open the small cover, and you will see three rows
or relays. The inside of the cover carries a location diagram, and will
show where the culprit relay is. pull the relay, pry it open and look for
bad solder joints where the mechanical relay solders to the little circuit 

Regarding the turbo, the water cooled turbos in the '86 onward rarely give
trouble, as long as proper oil/filter changes had been performed. I will
strongly recommend SYNTHETIC oil, ( Mobil 1, Castrol Syntec .. ) since
it is less likely to build up any deposits in the turbo bearings while
a hot turbo is cooling down.

Best of luck, 

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5000TQ