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Re[2]: Diagnosis needed...

BTW my independent mechanic has access to all the Audi Service Bulletins 
through a CD-ROM based database.  He also uses the DB to help diagnose 

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q
Subject: Re: Diagnosis needed...
Author:  jgreenst@motown.ge.com
Date:    9/15/94  4:17 PM

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Thu Sep 15 15:03:48 1994
> From: cmice@mke.ab.com (Christopher Ice x2136)

> To add a little excitement, while dumping the fault codes, the cooling fan
> will kick on and shortly after the car will die.  I would pass this as a
> fluke, but I got it do it 3 times!  Idling at stop lights is fine.
> If anyone has insight into the problem, please let me know.  If I can't solve
> it, I will take it to someone *other than the dealer*!  ;-)

What's wrong with taking a car with a problem like this to the dealer?
A friend of mine had a very strange problem with her 100S that occurred
only once.  The dealer looked it up in a database Audi has and fixed
the problem on the first try.  Free-lance mechanics are notorious for
not knowing what to do with sophisticated systems and they will rarely,
if ever, admit they don't know anything about them.  Time and time
again I've seen people screwed royally only to end up going to the
dealer only to find out it was a simple problem.  Also, if a dealer
makes a mis-diagnosis, you usually can get out of paying for it.  With
an independent mechanic, you're SOL.

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