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1990 Coupe Q Muffler

It's finally happening...

My new(to me, at least) Coupe Q sounds as if it will be needing a new muffler 
in the near future.

Does anyone on the list have any aftermarket recommendations, or know where I 
can get an OEM muffler at a reasonable cost?(thats less than the probable 
dealer costy of $300-400 US.)

>From looking into the Bentley manual, I know that the Coupe Q muffler differs 
from the 80 and 90s and Quattros.

I would prefer to replace the muffler only, since the rest of the exhaust 
appears to be stainless steel and is in good shape.

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q (getting noisier all the time)

PS> Thanks to those who responded to my query on mounting the radar detector :)