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Re: Superchips for non-Turbo

[from Barry Lewis]
>I've been following the "superchip" discusion here and it seems the 
>turbo superchip mod is not a chip at all, but mods to increase boost. 
>Does anyone know about the non-turbo kit? They claim 22 hp. improvement. 

>From what I could digest out of the "superchips" discussion, the 5 cylinder
non-turbo seems to not have a PROM or EPROM in the black box. (at least for
the 88 and earlier) The electronic mods seem to just run the engine a
little richer under partial throttle to squeeze out a little more power at
the cost of fuel consumption. I think the 22 HP gain is with freer flowing
exhaust and more aggressive cam setup. 
I think putting in a slightly cooler thermostat switch and just using WOT
would give about the same gains as the 'mods' at lower cost. Of course the
hotter cam and clearer exhaust would give more power. At WOT, the 5
cylinder runs 'open loop', I believe. So the engine is getting as much gas
as it can swallow. 
my stab in the dark.  (save the $$ for hydraulic and exhaust header probs.)
Ernest Wong