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Re: WTB 1987 Coupe

[from Eric Fletcher]
>Also any thing that I should look out for on a 1987 5000 Turbo Quattro,  There
>is one here in town that has suffered some hail damage that may be up for sale
>this friday.  Oh and how does a price of $2500 sound for this car?
Hail damage! Does the car look like a golf ball with all the dimples.
Had a family Honda Accord dimpled in a hail-storm. The 5000 has aluminum
hood and trunk. At least on my 5000 non-turbo. I don't think the dimples
can be beaten out like steel. Maybe I'm wrong . . .
$2500 sounds real good. High mileage? Thrashed mechanicals?

>Eric Fletcher
Ernest Wong